A globally trusted provider of  Vacuum Forming solutions. With more than 3 decades of experience providing vacuum forming solutions worldwide to many of the world’s leading companies and institutions Formech has earned a reputation for delivering fit for purpose, reliable plastics processing machinery with extensive local support.


Many of our customers are new to vacuum forming or bringing the process in-house for the first time so often require extensive hand-holding throughout the process.  Intuitive control and easy operation are key features of all Formech machines to help the most inexperienced users attain quick and repeatable results.

Consultancy & Testing

Our highly experienced team can offer a wide range of consultancy services from CAD tooling design to testing new materials and applications, machine customisation and much more. Many of our customers are looking to try something new or prove a design is production-ready. We have a broad range of experience assisting model makers, sign makers, automotive, aerospace, packaging, confectionary and many more customer groups to realise their designs and objectives.

As markets become increasingly competitive, the need for a competitive edge is ever more apparent. Whilst the vacuum forming process has been in existence for more than 80 years, we are witnessing an explosion in availability of new engineering grade materials, which present all new challenges, requiring in-depth understanding and ‘High Performance’ machine features. The commercial advantages of mastering these challenging materials are considerable.

Please contact us to discuss your design and production objectives.

Installation & Training

Formech offers comprehensive on-site installation and training programmes wherever you are located. We have a highly experienced in-house team along with a network of long-term consultants with special expertise in a wide range of applications and production processes.

Our training programmes are designed to help you and your R&D/production team get up and running in the shortest possible time. Formech introductory training typically includes:

Advanced and in-depth training programmes can be tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Contact us here if you want to know more.


All Formech machines are supplied with a 12 month limited warranty for non-consumable parts.

Full Terms and Conditions and Extended warranty packages are available on request.

Download the Terms & Conditions – Formech

Service & Support

Wherever you are situated Formech offers comprehensive service and support packages through an International network of fully trained and appointed partners.

Formech machines are designed to be user serviceable for all consumable parts saving you time and money.  Step by step maintenance and troubleshooting guides are provided with each machine. We are always happy to help our customers diagnose and resolve issues by phone or email but if you require on site assistance we offer expedient support and fixed price service / repair options.

Contact Formech International Headquarters or one of our regional offices to find a service agent near you.


It is rare that our customers require anything more than consumable parts such as elements, seals and vacuum pump filters but we carry extensive stocks of all key parts for immediate shipping.  In most cases we are still able to supply parts for machines 20 years and older.

Please contact us if you have any requirements.