The FLB500 line bender enables the user to form a bend in a sheet of plastic up to 500mm wide by the use of an 8mm diameter incoloy heating element. Once the plastic is hot, it can then be formed to any angle and placed in the separate cooling jig until it is cold. The cooling jig is supplied with the line bender.

The FLB1000 line bender enables the user to form a bend in a sheet of plastic up to 1000mm wide by the use of a quartz heating element. The gap through which the heat is emitted is ajustable on the FLB1000 and there is also a built in timer which is useful for production runs.

Line Bender 1000 Downloads

Spec sheet FLB Series

Single Phase Power Requirements
208-240V / 750W / 13A 
Machine width
1310mm / 51.6” 
Machine depth
375mm / 14.8” 
Machine height
150mm / 6” 
Net machine weight
22kg / 48.5lbs 
Heating width
1000mm / 39” 
Heating element
Material clamp
Temperature regulator

Adjustable Back Fence

This allows the material to be placed in the exact position each time.

  • TechShop Leroy Merlin (Maker Space – France)
  • New York Institute of Technology (Education – USA)
  • University of Plymouth (Education – UK)
  • Humber College (Education – Canada)
  • University of Nottingham (Education – UK)
  • Google Inc. (Prototyping / Product development – USA)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Education – USA)
  • Musée d’Art et d’Histoire (Museum /Art Galleries – Switzerland)
  • Asian Art Museum (Museum / Art Galleries – USA)
“I have only fired up one machine so far, very fast warm up time, less than 5 minutes to bend 3 mm acrylic from cold, and once warm 1 minute to bend 3mm acrylic. Very impressed with heat guard over the element, great idea!”
John Newell, Department of Technology, Scotch College - Melbourne, Australia
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