Do you know what’s coming..? We do

Last year, Formech were sponsors of the highly unusual Institute of Things to Come. At the centre of the project is the desire to support young and developing artists under 30 to gain a foothold in the art scene, and we’re delighted to announce we are sponsors again this year.  

The Institute of Things to Come is a temporary research centre, that facilitates artists in exploring themes and mediums, through providing them with a platform to complete and exhibit pieces inspired by a given theme.

In 2017, four artists showcased their work in Turin, Italy, and this year, the institute is preparing for an even bigger and wider reaching project. Inspire will be committing the financial support and resources to ensure the project can be realized for another amazing year.

Six artists, selected based on their designs, vision, and willingness to innovate, will have the opportunity to bring their designs to life, and to showcase their work to key figures within their chosen field.

A Formech case study video will also be produced to introduce the artists, and provide them with the opportunity to voice their own narratives while displaying their final designs and pieces.

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