Formech & The French Pastry School

The French Pastry School owns a Formech FM660, the predecessor of our 686 model.

Students working on the Formech FM660 – the predecessor of our 686 model
Vacuum-formed shape

The machine is used by instructors and students to form shapes that will then be filled with chocolate.

Here are some terms that the chefs identified as instrumental factors in choosing Formech: Top of the line precision in thermoforming, great definition of details, powerful machine, large and deep thermoforming capacity, ease of use, efficiency.

Formech sent a representative who came and trained all of the chefs in proper use of the machine. Formech also gave a student seminar on mold making techniques to ensure that they had a firm grasp on the possibilities that thermoforming offers to the confectionary industry.

“Formech provides a vacuum forming machine at the top of its class in terms of precision, power, and ease of use. The support provided by the staff is also a major benefit to owning a Formech!

The French Pastry School is proud to work with Formech as they are the industry leader in vacuum forming technology.

Our students learn by using the latest high performance machines that produce quality molds in their programs.”

Jacquy Pfeiffer
The French Pastry School
Chicago, Illinois


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