Formech & RC3DM

Alessandro Rossi of RC3DM was on a mission to create and sell top quality Remote Control (RC) Car Bodies and components in his home country of Venezuela.

RC3DM - 8
Vacuum formed car bodies on Formech 508FS
RC3DM - 3
Car body vacuum formed on a Formech 508FS
RCD3M - 4
Car body vacuum formed with components printed on a Stratasys 3-D printing machine
RCD3M - 6
Final car body

Before RC3DM Lexan Remote Control car bodies could only be imported from other countries. Today Alessandro produces RC shells made on his Formech 508FS vac-forming machine and prints components and tooling on his Stratasys 3-D printing machine.

“I’m a pioneer making RC Bodies in this country” – Alessandro Rossi

Formech helped Alessandro find and source the right material and also advised on the best way to design and build the necessary tooling. With over 25+ years’ experience in working with machinery, Alessandro even built his own drying oven to pre-dry the polycarbonate before forming it as this is a requirement of hydroscopic material such as PC.

Alessandro was already adept at working with machinery so he decided to build his own vacuum forming machine at home. After experimenting with some PC material at home it became clear to Alessandro that a professional grade machine would allow him to produce more consistent results, which saved material and therefore money.
“I realize that VF (Vacuum Forming) Lexan at home was very difficult…almost impossible. At that moment I decided to acquire a real machine to do this work.”

Formech worked with Alessandro to help him source the right material and also advised on how to create the best type of tooling for his process.

Today Alessandro finds pride and satisfaction in providing his happy customers with a Venezuelan made product. The professional design of the 508FS allows for consistent results and the PLC makes achieving these results very easy.

“I trashed some sheets of PC because there was no way to vacuum form it, until I got it with a simple arrangement of the 508FS. It is versatile, strong and easy to use. I’m really happy with the equipment. I can say that your (Formech’s) support was excellent and you provided me some tips of how to do the molds.”

Alessandro Rossi

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