Building Innovation With The Overlap of Science and Art

Indexlab explores novel forms of architectural materialization by integrating digital fabrication technologies into the design and production process.

As architects, engineers and industrial designers, Indexlab demonstrates a passion for innovation, with an interest in the genesis of form and the overlap of science with art. These are all elements that Inspire strives to support, so we have provided Indexlab with a large format machine – the Formech 686 – to facilitate their research, experimentation and production.

“The Formech 686 we use is really good at meeting our specific needs: it’s very flexible, quick and easy to operate, it allows us to form and build parts extremely fast. Quartz heaters provide an energy efficient solution and accurate heating profiles give consistent and precise results.” – Pierpaolo Ruttico, Founder of Indexlab

Computational Design and robotic fabrication are two of the fastest emerging and most radical technologies reshaping architecture today and this is what they do at Indexlab. They explore new ways to take what is thought and designed through algorithms into a material form. They search for new patterns to emerge.

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